Hand scrolls Hongloumeng

Photography Ruben van Vliet and Gert Jan van Rooij. A hand roll can be a few meters long and my hand roll measures more than 4 meters and is 32 cm high. To a hand roll you look from right to left and during the unrolling the story unfolds. Until now I drew three hand scrolls and I plan to complete this series with an assemblage inspired by the last dramatic episode of this novel during a residency at Organhaus in Chongqing, China (2020). The first hand scroll is entitled Gay Love, which I drew during a residency at the Institute for Provocation in Beijing (2017) and was on display at "6 for 6" at Loods 6 in Amsterdam (2017) and beautifully framed in the solo exhibition at the Fries Museum (2017/18). How to perform a hand scroll? In the past the unrolling of a hand scroll was an intimate experience shared by friends in a private room. While unrolling the scroll, the story painted on the scroll unfolds. I have explored a way of performing my hand scrolls in the performance CHESS QIZI 棋子. The young female dancer Wang Yunke and I did this performance at the opening of my exhibition during my residency at the Chinese European Art Centre, CEAC, and ditto at Three Shadows Photography Art Centre in Xiamen (2018). My second and third hand scroll are entitled Third sister You and Qingwen and are telling about old illusions and tragic stories written down in the classical novel The Dream of the Red Chamber. Our performance expresses engagement with actual cases of sexual harassment in China. The hand scroll can be the medium to deepen personal items. Our performance is the opposite of the indifference of a museum guide to his or her public and inversely the indifference of the public to the museum guide. My first and and second hand scroll also were on display in my solo exhibition A Blink of Pink at Witteveen Visual Art Centre (2018) and the second one at the Black Sesame Space in Beijing (2017). The second and third hand scroll are published in my book About CHESS QIZI 棋子