“Is P.Kierk an artist
or not?”

Medium: Pen, ink and colored pencil on paper, A4, 2006

The 21 drawings are in the collection of the Fries Museum, Leeuwarden.


I am the model for P.Kierk, who is a kind of cartoon-figure, whom I’ve adopted from an aphorism of Kierkegaard, that is about a social misfit in an yellow-green coat, Kierkegaard’s favorite color. I’ve adopted the title from the Croatian artist Goran Trbúljak. In a Referendum (1972) he asked: Is Goran Trbúljak an artist or not? He said about it: ‘The idea is that anyone could be an artist only if they were aware of it’.

1) A work of G. Trbúljak. Galerija Studentskog Zagreb. He later became a cameraman. Living Art, Museum Kröller Müller, 2006.
2) An application form for a stay at the Existentialist Retreat, which was part of the Militant Bourgeois project by Chris Evans. SMBA Newsletter N° 94.
3) The location of the retreat is inspired by the neo-existentialist novel Concrete Island of J.G. Ballard.
4) The grass is until waist high in Concrete Island.
5) The Balance between the Esthetic and the Ethical
in the Development of the Personality.
The second chapter of Either/Or Part Two. Søren Kierkegaard.
6) Der Begriff Angst. Søren Kierkegaard. Reclam. P.93/94.
7) A sculpture of Chris Evans.
8) Storm, D. Anthony. ‘D. Anthony Storm’s Commentary
on Kierkegaard’.
9) The name of Maitland’s wife in Concrete Island.
10) Der Begriff Angst. P.108
11) ditto p.103
12) ditto note 5.