Newsletter 1, 20 February, 2018

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Large drawings by yet great artists can be seen in the exhibition XL Drawing Cabinet until 15 April. My handscroll Gay Love is in the KINK (De Nieuwe Kolk, Assen) on an elongated table with the big Yang Jia Gou 1947 behind it .

For those who like to experience my performance A Blink of Pink during Asian Art on the #Gelderse Kade 30 in Amsterdam, here a link to a photo and video report made with the iPhone https://vimeo.com/255293419

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In Beijing last summer I had my first Chinese hand roll made in a traditional workshop / shop. I have made a series of drawings on special thin rice paper. The two long strips of paper has been confirmed by the craftsman on the hand roll with a traditional length. A hand roll can be a few meters long and my hand roll measures more than 4 meters and is 31 cm high. To a hand roll you look from right to left and during the unrolling the story unfolds. I have drawn the homophile love, a small motif from the complex Chinese novel The Dream of the Red Chamber (c.1760) which consists of 120 chapters. I use a detail from the picture book of Sun Wen (1903) as a starting point and mix the best of two different CCTV series (1987 and 2010) together to illustrate what is hidden in the novel and which you can easily read over. My drawings always end with an image from the current LGBT scene in Beijing, as finally with a fake gay couple, because gay marriage is forbidden in China. Many hand rolls are provided with inscriptions, poems, stamps and / or colophons.

I have added a few handwritten lines from the novel in English and Chinese. Furthermore, a red stamp that means something like that with my head in the clouds and a red stamp at the end of the scroll with my own name "Pedro" in Chinese. At the beginning of the scroll I wrote "1760" and 红楼梦, the Chinese title of the novel The Dream of the Red Chamber (c.1760). In the middle I wrote the Chinese 回 which means chapter. At the end 当今 and that means "contemporary", say the contemporary images of Gay Love that are looking to the left.

XL Drawing Cabinet. Participating artists : Allie van Altena, Pedro Bakker, Lisa Couwenbergh, Karin van Dam, Hanneke Francken, Lenneke van der Goot, Anouk Griffioen, Rosemin Hendriks, Stan Klamer, Arno Kramer, Mai van Oers, Marisa Rappard, Kim Streur, Riette Wanders, Sigrid van Woudenberg .

嗨, 大型艺术家的大型图纸可以在展览中看到XL绘图柜,直到4月15日。我的手卷同性爱在扭结(De Nieuwe Kolk,Assen)与大杨佳苟1947背后的一个细长的表。 对于那些想体验我的表现一粉红色的亚洲艺术在# Gelderse Kade 30在阿姆斯特丹期间,这里的链接,照片和视频报告了iPhone https://vimeo.com/255293419 大的问候, 佩德罗 同性恋的爱 去年夏天在北京,我第一次在一个传统的车间里做了一个中国手卷。我用特别的宣纸做了一系列的素描。这两条长条纸已由手工艺人在传统长度的手卷上确认。一个手卷可能有几米长,我的手卷超过4米,高31厘米。一只手把你看从右到左,在展开故事的展开。我画的同性恋爱情,从复杂的中国小说的一个小主题的红楼梦(c.1760)由120章组成。我使用了孙文(1903)的图画书的细节作为出发点,把两个不同的CCTV系列(1987和2010)结合起来,来说明小说中隐藏的内容,你可以轻松阅读。我的画总是一个图像从目前的同志在北京现场,作为最后一个假的同性恋,因为同性恋婚姻在中国是被禁止的。许多手卷有碑文、诗、邮票和/或题跋。 我在小说中添加了一些英文和中文的手写行。此外,一个红色的邮票,意味着这样的东西,我的头在云彩和一个红色的邮票在卷轴的结尾与我自己的名字“佩德罗”在中国。 在滚动的开始我写的“1760”和红楼梦,这部小说<<红楼梦>>中文标题(c.1760)。 在中间我写了中国回即章。 最后当今意味着“当代”,说同性恋的爱,看左边的当代图像。 贾斯廷格林尼 迪·史密斯 XL绘图柜。参展艺术家: Allie van Altena,Pedro Bakker,Lisa Couwenbergh,Karin van Dam,Hanneke Francken,lenneke van der Goot,Anouk Griffioen,Rosemin Hendriks,Stan Klamer,Arno Kramer,Mai van Oers,Marisa Rappard,Kim Streur,Riette Wanders,Sigrid van Woudenberg。