Mapping Beauty 10

Colored pencil and watercolor on paper, 94,2 x 54,3 cm.

Witteveen Drawing 2017

The handscroll Gay Love with the small box from the Song Dynasty. The dimensions of the scroll: 31 x 4.32 cm + ribbon.

Witteveen Drawing 2017

The arrangement of my handscroll Gay Love on the table. My daring to draw such a long scroll was special mentioned in newspaper "Het Parool" in a big item about three group shows with drawings in Amsterdam.

Witteveen Drawing 2017

The arrangement of Mapping Beauty 8 and 9 in Loods 6.

Mapping Beauty 9

First complete Handscroll

When you roll out the handscroll you can read the story from right to left. The scroll is 4.80 meter and traditionally made in a quality shop in Beijing. Here lying on the long table in IFP common studio, but can be carried in a small beautiful box from Song Dynasty.

Gay Love b

Second part of Gay Love, handscroll on thin rice paper, 23,5 x 150 cm.

Gay Love a

First handscroll on thin rice paper: Gay Love, 23,5 x 150 cm.

The maid Golden 1b

In Beijing at the shop my 300 grams paper seems too thick to create a handscroll. I will continue on thin rice paper, exciting because my pressure with a coloured pencil is strong and I make the rice paper totally wet to use water-colour. And is it possible to remove it from the panel? I had already problems with the thick Fabriano Artistico paper.

The maid Golden

First part of an hand scroll on the maid Golden, a short story told in the classical Chinese novel Honglou meng (The dream of the red chamber). To be viewed from right to left. This drawing is a collage of Sun Wen (1903) and filmstills from CCTV series 1987 and 2010. Dimensions 23 x 151.7 cm. Colored pencil and watercolors on paper. A great group show is upcoming at Loods 6, Amsterdam from 7 till 13 September, organized by Oeke Witteveen.

Mapping Beauty 8

76,5 x 93,5 cm. Colored pencil and watercolor on paper, 2017.

"Goatfucker" song

Referring to the filmmaker Theo van Gogh, who was murdered 13 years ago, I sang spontaneously my Goatfucker song on the opening at SMAHK in the context of 'Unrest in the Polder", month of philosophy.

SMAHK, Assen. Maand van de filosofie.

In the context of the month for philosophy a presentation with one small work at SMAHK, Assen. The theme is UNREST (in the Polder) so I presented my 'Fucker' drawing. On the picture also a part of the ladder with mud by Ivankan Annot. See info


Initiative by Oeke Witteveen to cooperate with 6 galeries, an exhibition without stands at Loods 6, KNSM laan, Amsterdam. From 6 april to 17 april, including Eastern.

Mapping Beauty 7

56,5 x 101 cm, colored pencil and watercolor on paper.2017

Mapping Beauty 6

Mapping Beauty 6, colored pencil and watercolor on paper, 76 x 70 cm. 2017 Upcoming: artist-in-residency at , Beijing.

Overview "Mapping Beauty" at WitteveenVAC

The group show is on display up to February 11. Photography: Edo Kuipers.

Mapping Beauty 5

Colored pencil and watercolor on paper, 75,5 x 80,5 cm 2016. On display now at Witteveen Visual Art Centre in the fabulous group show "A Temporary Farewell", see here Show up to February 11 with 4 drawings of my series Mapping beauty.

Performance "The Goatfucker"

Performance at Winterwolves festival in the Arminius Church, Rotterdam, organized by Roodkapje. Curator: Samiha Awad.

Performance "The Goatfucker"

Performance "The Goatfucker"


Drawing for my performance at Roodkapje Rotterdam (Arminius Church). Watercolor and colored pencil on paper. 57,5 x 93,5 cm, 2016.

Mapping Beauty 4

Colored pencil and watercolor on paper, 75 x 42,5 cm.

Winterwolven V

On November the 19th I will join the performance event Winterwolven V at the Armenius Church in Rotterdam. The curator is Samiha Awad and my plan is to perform my song The Goatfucker and Bo Kisser will be inspired by the Church and the theme Shelters to work out the performance and to turn the Armenius Church into a dazzling creative universe.

Mapping Beauty 3, Amsterdam Drawing

Colored pencil and watercolor on paper. 73,5 x 42 cm. Stand WitteveenVAC.

Amsterdam Drawing, "pin-up #2"

The collectors married couple Martijn en Jeannette Sanders selected this drawing for their exhibition on the big walls of Art Fair Amsterdam Drawing (picture by Mirjam).

Mapping Beauty 2, Amsterdam Drawing

This new series Mapping Beauty will be on display at the upcoming Art Fair Amsterdam Drawing (gallery WitteveenVAC). 74,5 x 41,5 cm. With Nala Shi and DanDan.

Mapping Beauty 1, Amsterdam Drawing

Colored pencil and watercolor on paper. 74,5 x 41,5 cm. Begin of a new project Mapping Beauty on Chinese Beauty (18th century and now). These new drawings are inspired by Chinese We Chat and the size fits well in your smartphone :-)This drawing was sold at the VIP-opening of the Art Fair Amsterdam Drawing.

Daisy Flower 2

Also the backside of the tiny canvas (10 x 11.7 cm) will be photographed and inserted in the Imago Mundi Benetton Book The Netherlands with a text by Jelle Bouwhuis.

Daisy Flower

Tiny canvas 10 x 11.7 cm. Imago Mundi Benetton project. Curator: Rosa Maria Favio.

Pygmalion's Bride

Filmstill with the actress Dandan. The first public screening will be on August the 2nd at Madlab (Bokeh Yeah) in Manchester. From now (23 September) anyone can see the film on Vimeo.

Filmstill drawing 8 Pygmalion's Bride

Last drawing for a poem film. With the Chinese filmmaker Yu Jie I am finishing a film inspired by "Pygmalion's Bride", a poem by the celebrated poet Carol Ann Duffy. The poem is written from a feminist viewpoint, so the statue speaks and in our film the woman's voice is done by Alana Gillespie. We did the recording at Oorbit studio.

Filmstill drawing 7 Pygmalion's Bride

Filmstill drawing 5 Pygmalion's Bride

Filmstill drawing 4 Pygmalion's Bride

filmstill drawing 3 Pygmalion's Bride

Event TAO studio

Consul-Generaal Rob Schippers en zijn vrouw Jean woonde de event/book presentation bij in TAO piano studio. Xie Tao was mijn model voor 'MM' tijdens mijn 8 maanden residency.

Sketch for poem film

My first idea that I worked out with the filmmaker Yu Jie. The final result is the film Pygmalion's Bride.

Met Niër Chän

Niër is een kunstenaar met een muziekopleiding. Ze heeft een populair radioprogramma op Chongqing FM. Ze nam een interview met mij op na de event in TAO studio.

Book Presentation/Lecture DAC & Chongqing AIR

Made possible thanks to Fonds Kwadraat.

Poster outside DAC & Chongqing AIR

De titel heeft filmmaker Adele Myers bedacht. Ik had haar uitgenodigd om deel te nemen aan mijn presentatie op het DAC. Ze kwam helemaal uit UAE waar ze les geeft en toonde haar poëzie films. Ze gaf ook een workshop en toen ontstond het idee om met filmmaker Yu Jie een poëzie film te maken.

Boekpresentatie DAC & Chongqing AIR

Gecensureerde voorkant ;-)

Bibliotheek C-Space Beijing

Tentoonstelling C-Space Beijing 2

Short exhibition in Melle Hendrikse's amazing styled gallery C-Space Beijing, Caochangdi.

Tentoonstelling C-Space Beijing 3

Conversation with the celebrated poet Xi Chuan

At C-Space Beijing. Made possible thanks to Fonds Kwadraat. Pic's by Anouchka van Driel. The event at C-space Beijing was organized in collaboration with the Dutch Embassy (an activity of the EU-chairmanship of the Netherlands).

Performance at C-Space Beijing(Bo Kisser)

"Qianxi 6"

Deze tekening op A2 formaat is uitgangspunt voor een zeefdruk op A4 formaat die in een oplage van 50 voor Kunst4Kids in Museum Boymans van Beuningen als een echt kunstwerk aan kinderen voor op hun kamer wordt aangeboden. 30 april - 8 mei. Mij is verteld dat 31 kinderen, vooral kleine meisjes, een zeefdruk hebben gekocht.

groepsfoto/conferentie, Manchester

Mijn reis naar Manchester was mogelijk met steun van Fondskwadraat.

Conference "Visualising Chinese Borders" Manchester

Filmmaker Adele Myers chaired the panel. She inquired me very well and I invited her to attend my book presentation at DAC & Chongqing AIR on May the 21th.

I presented my artist book "Innocent" at the conference and I had to sign several copies. The Library of the Manchester Metropolitan University acquired a copy.

Conference "Visualising Chinese Borders" Manchester

Beccy Kennedy and Ming Turner are the organizers and conveners of this conference. My paper was about my 'China' project and residency in Chongqing. After the conference Beccy and Ming send the contributors the following e-mail: "Thank you for attending and contributing towards last week's conference. There was a rich variety of presentations, which communicated some very interesting research and artistic practices and persepctives. Much of the research was very current, both in its political context and in terms of the creative practice that many of you are producing within this climate. It was a pleasure to be party to your ideas and your oeuvres.

I felt there was a great atmosphere at the conference, thanks to everyone's co-operation, discussion and good humour. Also, thank you for bearing with the fairly fluid approach I took to the timings of the two days. I wanted to try allowing some leeway in terms of the lengths of papers, as I have often found in the past that speakers and organisers alike can get quite angry when papers run over or when speakers are stopped before they reach the end of their paper and that this can affect the overall atmosphere. Also, Enoch decided to do a performance on the second day, which responded to the conference itself. This was quite impromptu but it worked well as a humourous and insightful response to the two days and it encouraged a kind of mindful winding down of it. Thanks to Enoch for coming over from Hong Kong to do his pop-up solo show 'Inhere' and for engaging us with his performance piece. Thanks also to Ying Tan and Zoe for allowing us to visit the CFCCA between shows and during the evening. (...) Ming and I will discuss the publication of the conference proceedings, as we have been approached by two potential publishers. We will write to you about this in due course. Secondly, there has been some discussion of writing a larger but more focused funding bid around the subject. I have been awarded a mini research sabbatical to work on a connected curatorial project plan, but there were also other discussions at the conference concerning collaborations for writing a bid around areas of the topic, so let us know if you have any thoughts or suggestions.

Overzicht solo Witteveen VAC, Amsterdam

"Qianxi" series

Overzicht solo Witteveen VAC

"Ma Mère" en 'Burnt Home 5"

Overzicht solo Witteveen VAC

"Ongestelde vrouw" op de trap

Overzicht solo Witteveen VAC, Amsterdam

"Burnt Home 7" en "The goatfucker"(voorstudie)

Opening solo in Witteveen VAC

Foto Marion Vandermeulen

Opening solo in Witteveen VAC, Amsterdam

Oeke Witteveen start. Donateurs van mijn crowdfunding actie Voordekunst kwamen hun boek ophalen, waarvan een aantal ook een ingelijste kleine schets en de gulle donateurs zelfs een grote tekening als tegenprestatie ontvingen. Het was enerverend om zoveel boeken te signeren en nieuwe geïnteresseerde mensen te spreken. Mijn dank is groot!

Opening solo in Witteveen VAC, Amsterdam

Jelle Bouwhuis is vol lof over de tentoonstelling en prijst mijn boek aan.

Opening solo in Witteveen VAC, Amsterdam

Tudor Bratu

Front-cover of my artist book

The book launch was an event on March the 5th, organised by Witteveen Visual Art Centre and Stedelijk Museum Bureau Amsterdam (SMBA). At the same time Jelle Bouwhuis opened my exhibition. The design of the book is by Rollergirl and the publisher is Onomatopee. Made possible thanks to the generous support of the Mondriaan Fund and Fonds Kwadraat. And thanks to the Voordekunst donors. More info about my book

Qianxi 4

Coloured pencil and watercolour on paper, 56 x 75 cm.

Jiefang truck series (5)

Birthday present / Qianxi, Coloured pencil and watercolour on paper, 25 x 35 cm.

Qianxi 3

Coloured pencil and watercolour on paper, 60 x 96 cm.

Qianxi 2

Coloured pencil and watercolour on paper, 55 x 55 cm.

My name in Chinese

Watercolour on paper

Chinese landscape

Coloured pencil and watercolour on paper, 55 x 74 cm.

Jiefang truck series

Birthday present / Hanne Hagenaars. Pen, ink and coloured pencil on rice paper, 25 x 35 cm.

Portrait of Qianxi

Coloured pencil and watercolor on paper, 215 x 154 cm. In an exchange Wu Qianxi wrote a poem as a portrait of me. Both, image and poem, are inserted in my book.

"O, Muse!"

In "O, Muse!" (De Hallen, Haarlem) my mother Afra is displayed very well between famous paintings of Verwey, Sluijters, Koch and Israels.

Recensie 'O Muze!' Dagblad Trouw

In landelijk dagblad Trouw, 23/06/15,schreef Joke de Wolf de recensie DE MAGIE VAN DE MUZE. Over mijn tekening 'Burnt home 2' is de volgende passage te lezen : Maar lang niet altijd ontstaat een muze uit lichamelijke, intellectuele of geestelijke bewondering. Pedro Bakker (1952) nam bijvoorbeeld zijn streng katholieke moeder Afra pas als onderwerp toen hij 54 was geworden, de leeftijd waarop zij zelfmoord pleegde. Op de tekening 'Burnt home 2' staat ze te midden van het uitgebrande huis van zijn jeugd, met daarbij de tekst 'Afra als de gezegende maagd in mijn afgebrande huis'.

Hot pot with Lan Ping and the bachelor from 1937

185 x 330 cm

Chenchen as blengin

Mijn aanvankelijke model in Shanghai, maar ze is soldaat in het leger, dat maakt het moeilijk om een afspraak met haar te maken. 88 x 120 cm

Guard dance

185 x 330 cm

Shanzi 2

45 x 60 cm

Huahua and the Jiefang truck 3

tekening op rijstpapier 20 x 30 cm

Lecture "Innocent images"

My lecture consisted of 5 chapters. Chapter 1: to draw autobiographically, Chapter 2: to draw fictionally Chapter 3: to draw philosophically Chapter 4: to draw politically and after the break chapter 5: to draw heavenly on my residency plan with Madame Mao as the subject. During the lecture I performed 2 songs. The lecture took place in my work studio which was crowded. The lecture was almost perfect with a projected Chinese translation done by Kinna, who also did some live translation. I hope to insert the Chinese translation of my lecture as an appendix in my book, so that a interested Chinese will have easy access to my work.

Huahua and the Jiefang truck 2

tekening op rijstpapier. 20 x 30 cm

Huahua and the Jiefang truck

tekening op rijstpapier 20 x 30 cm


Artists-in-residency Chongqing Air

Vanaf 5 november verblijf ik 8 maanden in met een vrije beurs Praktijkverdieping. Het Mondriaanfonds heeft mijn plan "Madame Mao" gehonoreerd, dat te zien is als een vervolg op mijn project To Draw Politically (2013/2014) in een internationale context. De bedoeling is dat het nieuwe werk dat ik in China zal maken wordt opgenomen in mijn kunstenaarsboek '"Innocent", waaraan ik met Jelle Bouwhuis en Hanne Hagenaars werk. De vormgeving is in handen van en de publicatie wordt verwacht in 2015 bij, mede mogelijk gemaakt door het Materiaalfonds voor Beeldende kunst en Vormgeving.

Herfsttentoonstelling "Onschuld"

Curatoren: Hanne Hagenaars en Heske ten Cate. Te zien t/m 30 november bij Kunstvereniging Foto: John Stoel

Opening "Onschuld" Diepenheim

Een lied geschreven op muziek van Frank Zappa "Uncle Remus".

Opening "Onschuld" Diepenheim

en het publiek zong mee met het slotakkoord "Ah". Foto: Rik Klein Gotink.

The goatfucker

Foto: John Stoel

De supergiant/ reuzenaquarel The Goatfucker (2.34 x 4.20 m) vormt voorlopig het sluitstuk van mijn project To Draw Politically.
Op 19 maart zal Jelle Bouwhuis een lezing geven over mijn project op de KABK (Studium generale) gebaseerd op zijn tekst Het negatieve kunstwerk. Daaraan vooraf geef ik een lezing met de titel Outside drawings en ik eindig met de vertoning van het filmpje The Goatfucker zie hier

Voorstudie ongestelde vrouw

Foto: John Stoel

Voorstudie Theo van Gogh, de filmer

Foto: John Stoel

To draw politically

Witzenhausengallery December 7th

Opening Horizonnen/ Nieuwe Fries Museum/ In gesprek met gastcurator Kie Ellens

Laughing still image part 3

Tekst van curator Kie Ellens "Horizonnen"/ Fries Museum

Re-enactment, 4 juni, 1970

De tekening maakt deel uit van de openingstentoonstelling Horizonnen in het nieuwe Fries Museum te Leeuwarden, opening 30 september 2013.

Who told you so ?! #4 Onomatopee, foto studio Clack

Still image take 4 laughing about Hegel

Still image take 1 laughing about Hegel

Half suiker, half zand. De pavilioens. Foto:Jordi Huisman

De Nederlandse identiteit?/ Museum De Paviljoens, foto Jordi Huisman

De Paviljoens

Harry Bloch and Jacques Borel created my wonderful website! In particular I render thanks to Harry, a lot of his efforts has gone into making my website a success.

Drawn like a man

Opening Witzenhausengallery NYC

Opening "One Man - one woman" Witzenhausengallery, Amsterdam.

Foto: Mees Bakker

I wish I loved the human race

Arti et Amicitiae, Amsterdam. Groepstentoonstelling met Gulliver's Travels als thema. Curator: Roland Sohier. Foto: Koen Taselaar.

overzicht kleine atelier "Ma mère et Georges B."

Art Amsterdam 2011